I would just like to say welcome thank you for visiting my website.

The connections between art, science, nature and well-being is what I am exploring within my work. I aim to provoke a greater sense of meaning and encourage people to question their own journeys and connections to nature.

I am doing this through Sculptural work, drawing, videography and podcasts.

My sculptures are personal explorations of overcoming depression and anxiety by running in the mountains. The work elicits meaningful connections between my mind and body and hopefully inspires others to do the same.

My video work combines nature scenes with my written work and is a form of visual storytelling. I want to bring nature to you in your home as well as creating conversations between art, science and nature. I use a mixture of poetry, reflective writing, factual and fictional.

My podcasts are the audio from the videos, and they intended for you to listen to whilst you go on your own adventure into the wild places you choose to explore.

My drawings are of contour maps of mountains, I find drawing therapeutic and tracing maps of mountains I visit helps me to connect with the place.

Some of the work I do is free and accessible to all. it’s so important to spread the powerful effects nature, art and exercise has on our well-being and to share this with as many people that I can.

I set up a Patreon to create a support network of lovely people who want to help me to promote my work and message. I offer drawings as rewards for Patreons, so supporting me also means you get to enjoy and own some beautiful artwork.

I cannot express how important this is to me and thank everyone so much for your support.
Having a stable income for the first time in my artistic career will mean I can truly dedicate my life to creating content and sharing my knowledge and imagination.

I hope you get on board and feel free to message me with any questions or thoughts. If you cannot support me through Patreon then don’t worry you can support through liking and sharing my work across my social media platforms.

Thank you
Your support is so very much appreciated
Love to you all


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