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Holly Hewitt

Holly Hewitt is an artist, designer and educator. Her work aims to promote connections and conversations between art, science and nature. Holly has a diverse creative background in jewellery design and manufacture, large scale sculpture work and teaching. She is also an outdoor lover and spends lots of time running up hills and exploring landscapes.

Recently Holly has started an MA in Art and Science to expand her knowledge and develop research fusing her professional and personal experiences. With a strong belief that nature and art can benefit mental wellbeing she has developed a project that explores these themes.

Viewing her body as a form of creative expression she initially explores a landscape and uses GPS tracking, photography, videography and writing to document. Holly believes that running helps her achieve flow and creates a catalyst for maverick thinking and problem solving. As well as becoming a fundamental tool for her own mental wellbeing.

Taking the Data from the runs Holly has designed a series of sculptures. Each design reflects the emotional and physical journey that was undergone. She uses fine metalworking skills to achieve her designs. Her sculptures are personal explorations of overcoming depression and anxiety. The work is thought provoking and elicits a meaningful connection between the artists mind and body. The pieces themselves are beautiful to behold, but they also provoke a greater sense of meaning and encourages the viewer to question their own journeys and connections to nature.

Holly has taken the videos of her journeys and created some short films exploring, poetry, reflective writing and storytelling. The work is in the beginning stages of development, but she aims to help connect people and nature through a digital form. She also plans to use this format to explore writing that connects art and science intersections. She hopes to create starting points for conversations and discussions exploring broader social engaged themes.  

Participatory work is an important element to holly’s practice, she is currently designing workshops to connect the areas she is exploring. Navigational games, nature immersed art workshops, group walking meditation and cross discipline collaboration are some current ideas in progress. Over the course of the next year of her MA Holly plans to develop a framework for delivering collaborative thought experiment workshops. She hopes to facilitate a workshop with a diverse range of expertise to work together and share ideas and knowledge within the themes art, science, nature and mental well-being.

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loss of innocence 6 72dpi.jpg

Loss of Innocence

Commissioned for exhibition on Melancholia at the Freud Museum

This sculpture is a series of repeating shapes made in brass informed by data collected from a
run along the Yorkshire three peak challenge route.
The shape of each section is the GPS tracked route, representing the 39 kilometre of the run
and the variation of sizes is determined by the elevation recorded.
The artwork is a representation of the artists run in the mountains, which was symbolic of her
journey through a melancholic state.
“The three mountains I climbed embodied the states of mind I felt: emptiness, self-hatred and
despondency. Expressive anger, awareness and dissension. Acceptance, hope and

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