Holly Hewitt

Holly Hewitt is a multi-disciplinary artist working within the domains of art, science, psychology,  topography and  nature. 

She views the movement of her body as a form creative expression helping her to achieve flow, establishing a catalyst for maverick thinking.

Hewitt produces sculptural art works with the aim to engage people to think about their own inner world and happiness.

She is currently designing a project to promote mental wellbeing through objects of navigation and nature immersed participatory workshops. Fundamentally inviting people to explore their relationship with their body and surroundings helping them to connect inwardly to generate a sense of awareness. 

loss of innocence 6 72dpi.jpg

Loss of Innocence

Commissioned for exhibition on Melancholia at the Freud Museum

This sculpture is a series of repeating shapes made in brass informed by data collected from a
run along the Yorkshire three peak challenge route.
The shape of each section is the GPS tracked route, representing the 39 kilometre of the run
and the variation of sizes is determined by the elevation recorded.
The artwork is a representation of the artists run in the mountains, which was symbolic of her
journey through a melancholic state.
“The three mountains I climbed embodied the states of mind I felt: emptiness, self-hatred and
despondency. Expressive anger, awareness and dissension. Acceptance, hope and



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